Sunday, November 20, 2011

Establishment of Malaysia

Tunku Abdul Rahman, in a speech in front of the Foreign Press Association at a hotel in Singapore on May 27, 1961, menggagaskan establishment of the Malaysian Federation of Malaya, Singapore, Brunei, Sarawak and Sabah. Among other things, it seeks to curb communist influence, balance the total population, increasing economic development and expedite the independence of Singapore, Brunei, Sarawak and Sabah. Singapore welcomed the idea while Brunei refused to join. Meanwhile, Sarawak and Sabah which initially rejected the proposal was finally agreed upon are assured of self-government.To give freedom and justice to all parties, on January 17, 1962 a commission that will review the views of the people of these states have been declared and known as the Cobbold Commission. The Commission shall consist of five members, chaired by Lord Cobbold, comprising two representatives of the British Government, Sir Anthonv Abell and Sir David Watherston, while representatives of the Federal Government is made up of Malaya Datuk Wong Pow Nee and Mr. Mohamed Ghazali Shafie. Mr. H. Harris acted as Secretary.During February to April 1962, this Commission has found more than 4000 people and received 2200 memoranda from the various groups of party-political essence, members of government meetings and invitations, the chiefs, the sons of the state and community leaders, municipal , religious leaders, trade unions and the people who give their views. Overall, more than eighty per cent agreed with the idea and on June 21, 1962, the report has been submitted to the British government.
Consensus has been reached between the Prime Minister of the Federation of Malaya, Tunku Abdul Rahman by Harold Macmillan, British Prime Minister to hold talks in London. The negotiations lasted for two weeks. On July 9, 1963, an important agreement was signed at the Commonwealth Relations Office at Malborough House, London. Establishment of the Federation of Malaysia Agreement has been signed by representatives of the British Government, Federation of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore. The British Government was represented by Prime Minister Mr. Harold Macmillan, Mr. Ducan Sandys and Lord Landsdowne.Government of the Federation of Malaya has been represented by Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak, Mr Tan Siew Sin, Datuk VT Sambanthan, Datuk Ong Yoke Lin and Dr. Lim Swee Aun. Sabah, was represented by Datuk Mustapha bin Dato Harun, Mr. Donald A. Stephen, Mr. W.K.H. Jones, Mr Khoo Siak Chiew, Mr W.S. Holley and Mr. G.D. The Sword. Representatives from the State is made up of Mr Peh Pike, Temenggong Jugah, Mayor Abang Haji Mustapha, Mr Ling Beng Siew and Datuk Abang Haji Openg. While Singapore was represented by Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Keng Swee. Both countries agreed to issue a joint statement on the 12th of July 1963 the British Government agreed to hand over sovereignty of Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore to Malaysia and Malaysia will be there on the 31st August, 1963.When rumors came true formation of Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia opposed the idea. Philippine claim to Sabah is part of its territory, while Indonesia, which has plans to create a Greater Indonesia has tried to thwart efforts by declaring harder confrontations on January 20, 1963 with the slogan "Crush Malaysia".Indonesia's military is sent to infiltrate the border of Malaysia especially in Sabah and Sarawak and Johor.Most difficult challenges will not break the spirit of the leaders and people of the Federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah to see a united country.Although the actual planning of the declaration will be made on August 31, 1963, ceremony to be postponed. Lawrance Michelmore as the representative of the United Nations (UN) again provides overview of views of the people of North Borneo and Sarawak. On 14 September 1963, a report was issued, confirming majoroti supports the participation of the people of the Federation of Malaya. Thus, on 16 September 1963, the idea became a reality and was born of a union known as Malaysia.The Declaration is made at the Merdeka Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. Ceremony reading the declaration of the formation of Malaysia was committed in front of the President of the King, the Malay Rulers, the Governor-Governor of Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Sabah. Participate in the ceremony were three leaders of the three new states in the Federation of Malaysia, Mr.. Lee Kuan Yew, Mr. And Mr. Donald Stephens. Stephen Kalong Ningkan. However, Singapore's participation only lasted for two years as had separated in 1965.

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